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BCraft Software Blog

Why Jackpot?

Today, simply colorful online platforms are no longer able to attract a large number of users. Instead, people are lured by exciting events with the possibility of big winnings.
Players are willing to take risks and invest significant amounts of money in the hope of getting lucky and winning a large cash prize, which is what jackpot games offer. This gives them the opportunity to experience the strong emotions and joy of potential winnings. But what are the benefits of jackpots for the platform owners?


Jackpot is a marketing tool used to attract and retain players. However, depending on the context, the term itself can mean a prize on a platform or a win in a game.
Progressive Jackpots: The win amount at the end of a jackpot game is always greater than the starting amount. The pool grows with each wager and continues to grow no matter how long the game is played until it is won. Operators also benefit from progressive jackpots because players are encouraged to wager in order to increase their potential winnings.
Mystery Jackpots: The amount won at the end of a jackpot game always exceeds the initial amount. The pool grows with each bet and continues to grow no matter how long the game is played until it is won.
Multiple Jackpots: Depends on the number and value of bets placed on the platform for a certain period of time, but the principle can vary. Usually, to qualify for this type of jackpot, the player must meet the conditions. The winner of the jackpot is determined by a random number generator.
Fixed Prize Jackpots: Choosing a specific game can almost double your chances of winning because the operator offers players multiple jackpots at once instead of just one. A jackpot can be a combination of several types of prizes.
Branded Jackpots: Typically correspond to a special format, theme or occasion. Everything from the mechanics to the prize pool of the game is unique. Casinos can combine any of the above mechanics and jackpot principles to achieve their goal. This is the main feature of a branded jackpot.

Why is it so important to have a jackpot?

A jackpot system is a technical system or platform for the organization of jackpot campaigns for the purpose of player entertainment and casino promotion. Operators choose a jackpot system when they decide to diversify their iGaming brand. It determines how fast, expensive, spectacular and legitimate the promotional campaign will be.
In order to increase the attractiveness of iGaming platforms and promote customer loyalty, the BCraft team has created a unique program. Activity bonuses, return of part of lost funds in the form of cashback, possibility to spin a bonus wheel with a chance to win prizes, as well as a tiered system rewarding users for reaching certain game milestones.

Attracting new players

Jackpots are a powerful attraction for new players. The lure of winning a life-changing amount of money on a single spin or hand is irresistible to many. By promoting large jackpot amounts, online casinos can grab the attention of potential players who are scrolling through countless options online.

Retention of existing players

For existing players, jackpots provide a reason to stay loyal to a casino. The possibility of a big win keeps players coming back, and the excitement of jackpot games keeps their gaming experience exciting.

Advertising and brand awareness

When a player wins a jackpot, it often makes headlines, especially if it's a significant amount. This free publicity can boost the casino's brand awareness and credibility, attracting more players and establishing the casino as a reputable place to play.

Encourage higher stakes play

Jackpot games often require players to wager the maximum amount to be eligible for the jackpot win. This encourages higher stakes play, which can increase the casino's revenue. Even if players do not win the jackpot, the higher stakes contribute to the overall profitability of the casino.

Social proof and trust

Jackpots serve as social proof that real people can and do win big in online casinos. This helps to build trust among the player community as they can see that the casino is paying out large sums of money and honoring its commitments.

Diversity of game offerings

Offering jackpots allows casinos to diversify their game offerings. They can introduce different types of jackpot games, such as progressive jackpots that grow over time, fixed jackpots with a set amount, and multiple smaller jackpots that are hit more frequently. This variety caters to different player preferences and keeps the gaming experience fresh.


It has become clear that jackpots are not only a game element, but also a key component of the promotion and business management strategy. One of the main advantages of a jackpot management system is that it allows the operator to divide players into different categories. This makes it possible to offer unique jackpot events for each group of users, making the service more personalized and increasing customer retention and interest.