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Cash Agents

Many people in the gaming industry are obviously not the first to hear about cash agents, but not everyone understands exactly what these guys do. If the role, duties and income of an arbitrageur are familiar to everyone, the role of an agent is different.
In general, they play an important role in facilitating financial transactions for players, providing convenience, security and an additional source of income for both online casinos and themselves.
Agents act as a link between the online casino and the physical space where players need to use cash.
Without the need for a bank account or digital wallet, agents allow players to deposit or withdraw cash. They provide a familiar and simplified transaction process that helps casinos appeal to a wider audience, including those who are more comfortable with traditional payment methods.

What are they?

A type of network marketing in which an intermediary appears between the bookmaker and the player. The task of the intermediary is to receive money from the player and deposit it to the personal account. Withdrawal of money works the same way: the agent receives the money earned by the player, transferring it from the account, and in return gives the money to the player and receives a commission from the bookmaker. Online earning that benefits everyone.

What's inside?

The possibility to replenish the account and receive the winnings in any other convenient way, including cash. Full confidentiality, absolute safety of personal data, and also - no commissions. How much the agent receives from the player - so much appears on the game account.

How does an agent benefit?

Unlike a player, an agent receives a commission. The amount is determined by the casino. The exact percentage depends on several factors, such as the country in which the agent operates. He receives data about the amount of commission after filling in all the data about himself. Betting agent understands as a means to help others to earn and at the same time to earn himself. And the main thing is that it is not difficult to become a partner.

Is that legal?

Absolutely. In essence, the program participant is a betting broker, whose role is to mediate between the player and the platform. Some do not want to reveal their data on the Internet, others cannot find a suitable transaction option to withdraw their earnings, others do not have a card, but have cash that they want to bet.
Technically, sending money from one gaming account to another is standard p2p payments.

How are agents recruited?

Everywhere is different. The standard procedure is as follows. A person sends a letter to the official email of the platform and waits for a response from the manager. This is necessary to pass the verification and get the agent status. The agent receives a link to download a special application necessary for the work and his/her personal account.

How can BCraft Software help?

To allow agents and players to choose the most convenient transaction method, we are actively working to expand our portfolio of services, including support for multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility and convenience for all players.
We develop platforms that not only simplify the financial transaction process, but also offer enhanced transaction management and tracking capabilities. This includes advanced analytical tools and integration with various payment systems, making the wagering process more accessible and transparent.