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Sportsbook Bonus Types

In the exciting world of sports betting, where strategy meets adrenaline, bonuses play a key role. These enticing rewards beckon to seasoned bettors and newcomers alike, promising improved odds, risk-free wagers, and thrilling surprises. Let's explore how these bonuses work and the tempting scenarios they create.

Bet Insurance Bonus

Bet insurance protects players against losses by refunding their stake if a specific condition is met (e.g., a certain player scores, the match ends in a draw).
  1. Qualifying Bet: Players place a qualifying bet (e.g., a pre-match soccer bet).
  2. Insurance Condition: If the specified condition occurs (e.g., the match ends in a draw), the player receives a refund (usually in the form of a freebet).
  3. Peace of Mind: Bet insurance provides peace of mind, especially for riskier bets.
You bet $50 on a tennis match, and the sportsbook offers insurance against a tiebreaker. If the match goes to a tiebreaker and you lose, you’ll receive a $50 freebet.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus returns a percentage of a player’s net losses over a specific period. It’s like a safety net for bettors.
  1. Losses Calculation: The sportsbook calculates net losses (total bets minus total winnings) during a defined timeframe.
  2. Cashback Percentage: Players receive a percentage (e.g., 10%) of their net losses as a bonus.
  3. Regular Payouts: Cashback bonuses are often paid weekly or monthly.
In a month, you place bets totaling $1,000 and win $800. Your net losses are $200. With a 10% cashback bonus, you’ll receive $20 back.


Comboboost is an exclusive bonus for express bets. It enhances the odds for a multi-event accumulator, making it even more enticing.
  1. Express Bet: Players create an accumulator bet with multiple selections (e.g., three soccer matches).
  2. Boosted Odds: The sportsbook applies a percentage boost to the overall odds.
  3. Higher Payout: If the express bet wins, the boosted odds result in a higher payout.
You combine NBA, NHL, and tennis bets into an express bet. The original odds offer a $100 payout, but with a 20% Comboboost, your potential winnings increase to $120.

Express Bet of the Day

The Express Bet of the Day is a daily promotional offer that enhances the odds for a pre-selected combination of events in an accumulator (express) bet.
  1. Selection: The sportsbook chooses specific events (matches, races, etc.) for the Express Bet of the Day.
  2. Boosted Odds: The odds for this express bet are increased, providing better potential returns.
  3. Bet Placement: Players place their bets on the selected events as a single accumulator bet.
Today’s Express Bet of the Day includes three soccer matches: Team A to win, Team B to score over 2.5 goals, and Team C to draw. The boosted odds turn a $20 bet into a potential $150 payout.


A freebet is a promotional offer where the sportsbook provides a bet without requiring an initial deposit from the player. It’s essentially a risk-free wager.
  1. Eligibility: Players may receive a freebet upon signing up, as part of a loyalty program, or during special promotions.
  2. Usage: The freebet can be used to place a bet on a specific event or market.
  3. Conditions: If the freebet wins, the player receives the winnings minus the original freebet amount. If it loses, there’s no financial loss to the player.
You receive a $20 freebet after registering at a sportsbook. You decide to use it to bet on an NBA game. If your chosen team wins, you’ll receive the winnings (minus the $20 freebet).

Wager Bonus

A wager bonus is a common type of sportsbook bonus that rewards players based on their betting activity. It encourages bettors to place more wagers by offering additional incentives.
  1. Eligibility: Players must meet specific criteria (such as minimum odds or bet amount) to qualify for the bonus.
  2. Bonus Calculation: The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the total wagered amount during a specified period.
  3. Release Conditions: To convert the bonus into withdrawable cash, players must fulfill wagering requirements (e.g., betting the bonus amount several times).
Suppose you receive a 10% wager bonus on all bets placed within a week. If you wager a total of $500 during that period, you’ll receive a $50 bonus. To withdraw the bonus, you might need to bet it 5 times (total wagering requirement: $250).

How to own bets?

To stand out in the competitive sports betting market, bookmakers need to offer a range of bonuses to attract and retain players. From traditional bonuses to unique gamification tools like those offered by BCraft, such incentives can keep players engaged. White Label solution is a ready-made business, all you need to do is contact us for details.
Bookmakers make profit through margin on betting odds, volume of bets accepted, additional services and affiliate programs.