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Affiliate as Casino Owner

Gambling affiliates who want to create their own gaming resource theoretically have significant advantages. These affiliates already have marketing experience and a steady stream of traffic for their future independent project. However, there is much more to becoming an iGaming operator.

Who's that?

Affiliates depend on publishers to retain their valuable affiliates by offering favorable deals such as lifetime revenue share of 50% or more (where appropriate). However, this also works in the opposite direction. Affiliates are vital to operators as they attract curious players to casino and betting sites and contribute significantly to their success.
Like all iGaming participants, affiliates are constantly keeping up to date with new regulations and emerging iGaming markets. For an affiliate with available capital, this industry knowledge, combined with easy access to monetizable traffic, can be a stepping stone to bigger plans such as launching their own online gaming site.


The online gambling is a complex system that cannot function without interconnected parties. Online casinos rely on affiliates for 60-80% of their total traffic. Let's take a closer look at who's who in this industry.

Role of Aggregators

Software platform providers such as BCraft Software provide the technical core of your business and handle maintenance, business continuity and technical support. Choosing the right iGaming platform provider is the foundation for a successful online casino or betting shop launch.
A typical iGaming platform includes a Player Account Management (PAM) system, a bonus system and a reporting mechanism. It also provides integration with payment systems, game providers, odds providers and affiliate systems.
The software provider deals not only with the technical side of things, but also with issues related to payment processing and licensing. In this sense, the operator and the technical provider need to find common ground to achieve their goals.

Gaming Providers

Game content comes from a variety of game publishers or game vendors. At BCraft, we work with dozens of game suppliers to offer content for every taste. Our managers provide data-driven information about games and game suppliers so our clients can make the best business and marketing decisions.

Promotion of Casino

It may seem that being an affiliate with a high volume of traffic is all you need for online casino marketing. This is true to an extent, but iGaming affiliate marketing is a complex, multi-layered structure.
Developing your website isn't just about traffic. It's not only about attracting new players, but also keeping them interested by encouraging them to come back regularly - player retentio.
Critical elements of player retention include setting up bonus campaigns, developing a sophisticated VIP or loyalty program, rewarding players with privileges for certain achievements, running regular contests or sweepstakes, and simply keeping them informed about new games and updates.
The goal is to build a quality site on a reliable platform with well-known gaming content and give it your own unique style. Developing an effective retention strategy takes time, no matter how experienced and professional you are.

Should I Create a Platform?

Affiliates can only become successful operators if they have a strong game platform and a solid marketing and player retention plan. Invest in a stable product that converts, focus on player retention and rapid traffic growth, and build a responsive customer support team.
Quite a few online casino operators using BCraft's software platform were well-known in the affiliate industry before they decided to launch their online casinos with us - and they have been very successful. Our company provides such operators with all the necessary operational and affiliate marketing technology, while they use their vast affiliate experience to gain an edge over the competition.