Peru Market Report

Updated 7 August, 2023

Peru's online casino apps market is a rapidly growing industry with great potential for investors and entrepreneurs.
Projected gambling revenue in Peru is expected to reach $147 million, a significant increase from $58 billion in 2018. The compound annual growth rate of this revenue (CAGR 2023-2027) is projected to be 7.72%, resulting in a market volume of $7 million by 2027.
Regulatory landscape

In 2023, the Peruvian Congress approved changes to the laws governing remote gambling and sports betting. These changes aim to define the scope of the law and ensure equal treatment for all companies in the sector. Some terms in the existing regulations have been modified, such as "sports event", "remote gambling", "sports betting offices" and others.

The new initiative is aimed at ensuring the collection of tax revenues, preventing money laundering and verifying the safe participation of customers. It also requires foreign companies to open a representative office in Peru in order to pay taxes similarly to local companies.

Registration requires the presentation of a National User Identification Document (DNI), marking the transition to a more regulated environment for online casino applications in Peru and providing a more transparent legal framework for potential owners of online casino applications.
Opportunities for Owners

For those interested in acquiring an online casino platform, the Peruvian market offers several opportunities. Relatively relaxed regulation offers greater operational flexibility. However, it is important to understand the dynamics of the local market and customer preferences. In particular, casino apps have a significant impact on gaming revenue and should not be ignored.

Issues and considerations

While the market is full of potential, there are challenges. Limited regulation can lead to increased competition as there are no barriers to entry for new operators. In addition, as the market develops, there may be increased scrutiny and potential changes in legislation. Therefore, operators must remain vigilant and be able to adapt to these potential challenges.

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As a software developer, Bcraft Software is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the exciting landscape of the Peruvian online casino gaming application market. We understand the intricacies of the local market dynamics and are able to adapt to changes in legislation. Our commitment to innovation, quality and reliability makes us the ideal partner for those looking to make their mark in this thriving industry.
The online casino market in Peru offers ample opportunities for growth and investment. The growing interest in betting, coupled with a relatively flexible regulatory framework, makes this market an enticing proposition for potential owners of online casino applications.
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