Argentina Market Report

Updated 27 July, 2023

Argentina's iGaming market continues to evolve, with the autonomous city and province of Buenos Aires leading the way.
Despite economic challenges such as unemployment, peso devaluation, inflation and the COVID-19 crisis, many provinces have accelerated the regulation of online gambling activities since 2021. The Province and the City of Buenos Aires are considered the two most valuable legislations for comparative studies with other jurisdictions in Latin America and Europe.
Regulatory Landscape

Argentina's regulatory landscape is complex due to its federal system of government. Each of the 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has the power to regulate online gambling independently. This fragmentation makes the Argentine online gambling market a confusing and little known reality abroad. However, the potential for growth makes Argentina a market worth considering for online casino ventures.

Regulation in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires opened the call for online gaming operators in early 2020. Despite delays due to the pandemic, operations began in December 2021, with companies such as Codere Online, BetWarrior, and Jugadón launching in this new regional market. To date, the city has attracted 10 operators, demonstrating a dynamic market.
Regulation in the Province of Buenos Aires

The province of Buenos Aires also launched its online gambling market in December 2021. However, only one brand, Betwarrior, launched at that time, while other companies announced delays to their original plans. The province has stricter economic and advertising requirements, which have led to setbacks due to political issues.

Province vs. Autonomous City

At first glance, the regulations and requirements for operators from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) are much more advantageous for the sector, as they avoid the dreaded limited or non-renewable licenses. The Province of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, has a 15-year non-renewable license, which has led to the withdrawal of international operators who have finally decided not to enter this market.
Despite the complex regulatory landscape, the Argentine iGaming market offers significant opportunities for growth. The success of the market in the Autonomous City and Province of Buenos Aires demonstrates the potential for expansion in other provinces. However, it is critical for potential investors to understand the unique regulatory environment in each province and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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